Risk & Compliance

It remains essential that processes within organisations are executed effectively and efficiently. This also applies when new systems, IT architecture are implemented or in the case of extensive product differentiation. It may be even more important in the case of organisational changes such as mergers, takeovers, or the integration of parts of an organisation as a result of internationalisation. There is continual pressure to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness while regular operations remain just as important as ever. What role can PSO Management play in this process?

PSO Management knows the market and understands the business of Risk & Compliance. In all these cases PSO Management can ensure that risks, regulation and processes are effectively embedded within the organisation. PSO Management is an excellent partner for executing projects relating to process design and its improvement. PSO Management is a specialist in risk management & compliance.

Regulators (eg DNB, ECB, AFM) are placing increasing demands on the sector. Issues of integrity are becoming ever more important. The highest standards are expected of internal controls. Transparent process design is essential. Many financial institutions face challenges complying with laws and regulations (eg Basel, MIFID, EMIR). In addition to the process of embedding compliance regulations in general, they also encounter difficulties with a range of requirements relating to specific issues such as corporate governance codes. It is essential for organisations and systems to adapt in order to meet these standards. The question is how this process of adaptation can best be structured.

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